Frequently Asked Questions


Why am I encountering a 401 Unauthorized error?

If you’re using a method that performs an action on behalf of the authenticating user, e.g. API.update_status(), make sure your app has the write permission.

After giving it the write permission, make sure to regenerate and use new credentials to utilize it.

See Twitter’s API documentation on app permissions for more information.

Why am I encountering issues when attempting to upload GIFs or videos?

If you are encountering a 400 Bad Request error when uploading large GIFs or other errors/issues with uploading videos, make sure to pass the media_category parameter, e.g. as tweet_gif or tweet_video.

Also make sure your video follows the recommended specifications.

See Twitter’s API documentation on media best practices for more information.

Why am I getting an inconsistent number of / not getting 3200 Tweets for a specific user?

“For very high volume and high traffic accounts, be aware that the Twitter API is highly distributed and eventually consistent. We strive to provide current information but like any large scale system, you may see unexpected behaviours at high volumes.”

Why am I getting no results from API.search_tweets()?

Twitter’s standard search API only “searches against a sampling of recent Tweets published in the past 7 days.”

If you’re specifying an ID range beyond the past 7 days or there are no results from the past 7 days, then no results will be returned.

See Twitter’s documentation on the standard search API for more information:

Tweepy v4

Why am I getting a TypeError about an API method taking 1 positional argument but given 2?

This and other similar errors are due to Tweepy v4.0.0 changing API methods to no longer accept arbitrary positional arguments. The 1 positional argument being referred to in the error is self.

These parameters can be passed as keyword arguments instead.

Refer to the documentation for the API method being used.

Where did go?

If you’re attempting to use with Tweepy v4, you’ll get an AttributeError about the API object not having a me attribute.

This is because Tweepy v4.0.0 removed

Instead, you can use API.verify_credentials().

Where did StreamListener go?

If you’re attempting to import StreamListener with Tweepy v4, you’ll get an AttributeError about tweepy not having a StreamListener attribute.

This is because Tweepy v4.0.0 merged StreamListener into Stream.

To use Tweepy v4, you’ll need to update your code to subclass Stream instead.

Twitter API v2

Why am I not getting expansions or includes data with API v2 using Client?

If you are simply printing the objects and looking at that output, the string representations of API v2 models/objects only include the attributes that are guaranteed to exist.

The objects themselves still include the relevant data, which you can access as attributes or by key, like a dictionary.

There’s also a data attribute/key that provides the entire data dictionary.

How do I access includes data while using Paginator?

Paginator.flatten() flattens the data and iterates over each object.

To access includes, you’ll need to iterate through each response instead.

Why am I getting rate-limited so quickly when using Client.search_all_tweets() with Paginator?

The GET /2/tweets/search/all Twitter API endpoint that Client.search_all_tweets() uses has an additional 1 request per second rate limit that is not handled by Paginator.

You can time.sleep() 1 second while iterating through responses to handle this rate limit.