Code Snippets


Here are some code snippets to help you out with using Tweepy. Feel free to contribute your own snippets or improve the ones here!


auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler("consumer_key", "consumer_secret")

# Redirect user to Twitter to authorize

# Get access token

# Construct the API instance
api = tweepy.API(auth)


This snippet will follow every follower of the authenticated user.

for follower in tweepy.Cursor(api.followers).items():

Handling the rate limit using cursors

Since cursors raise RateLimitErrors in their next() method, handling them can be done by wrapping the cursor in an iterator.

Running this snippet will print all users you follow that themselves follow less than 300 people total - to exclude obvious spambots, for example - and will wait for 15 minutes each time it hits the rate limit.

# In this example, the handler is time.sleep(15 * 60),
# but you can of course handle it in any way you want.

def limit_handled(cursor):
    while True:
        except tweepy.RateLimitError:
            time.sleep(15 * 60)

for follower in limit_handled(tweepy.Cursor(api.followers).items()):
    if follower.friends_count < 300:
        print follower.screen_name